Career Management

Athletes that are not yet on the market weigh up offer and career potential. The agency with the most comprehensive and balanced portfolio and the most promising prospects usually comes out on top and signs the player..



  • Future-oriented support on a professional, social and athletic level
  • Professional career planning
  • Individual offer- and service concepts
  • Extension of traditional services:
  • Psychological and family support
  • Apprenticeship placements
  • Convalescence support
  • Job placement after a career in sport
  • School support
  • Individual network building

Player Needs:

  • Career in professional sport
  • Professional alternative to sport
  • Salary and wage
  • Security in retirement
  • Medical and social care
  • Publicity
  • Image

Club Needs:

Revenue generation through, among others,:

  • Champions League and Europa League qualification (football)
  • Broadcasting revenue ranked by place in the standings
  • Sponsorship money
  • Spectator revenue
  • Marketing
  • Sale of players
  • Publicity
  • Image

The individual players serve as a club’s capital. The clubs aim to sign talented players at cheap and fair conditions and on a long-term basis. In the next step, they want to adapt the players to the needs of the club in order to bring success to the club. The scouting of potential players is done by the club itself and through external agents