Total Management

At GAMES-Sportmanagement GmbH, we focus on assisting people. This means that in addition to brokering transfers and career management, we also comprehensively support the athlete in anything else


Extensive services:

Career Management

  • Brokering Transfers
    We have contacts throughout Germany, Europe, South America and Asia, where we work together with reliable partners to place the players at the best possible clubs.
  • Contract Planning
    Our close partners include nationwide lawyers who always review contracts to avoid potential traps and to make sure you sign a risk-free contract.
  • Marceting
    A club can market its players. However, this doesn’t have to be the case and that’s why we help out if required. We can help find regional sponsors, assist with applications, produce image films, examine advertising partners or simply give advice.
  • Public Relations
    If required, we do have in-house social media and PR experts who can take care of the public relations activities.
  • Financial PLanning
    Our team includes the one or other experienced business economist; we have years of experience in drawing up business- and financial plans. In the private as well business sector, we can always draw up a finance plan and review it periodically.

Organisational Service

  • Health Care (Doctors/Physical Therapy)
    Earliest possible diagnosis, preventive measures, regular check-ups, best possible individual treatment plans. And we personally accompany you.
  • Convalescence Support
    We know through experience that an injury can have severe consequences. Without the right expertise, the player might be left with the bill. Something that could have been avoided with the right consultation.
  • Residence and Relocation
    A transfer sometimes involves relocating. Especially when a player is relocating abroad, many things have to be taken into account. We are also experienced in this area and have the right foreign language skills and contacts.
  • Tax Accountant
    Whether in private matters or issues such as expenses, travel costs or sponsorship money, a tax accountant is priceless. Our tax accountant has proven himself over many years and that’s why we want to recommend him. However, we also gladly assist you in choosing your own tax accountant.
  • Insurances
    When it comes to insurances, it can also be helpful to have someone who looks over your shoulder.
  • Legal Aid
    As previously mentioned, we work together with lawyers from different areas of law. Therefore, we can provide comprehensive legal advice if required.

Individual Assistance

  • Promotion of individual Performances
    Through constant communication in the form of personal talks, or by watching training session and games, we are always up to date about our players. If required, we will gladly give you technical or tactical tipps and tricks.
  • Psychological Support / Mental Training
    If required, we can put you in contact with regional partners in order to receive psychological support or mental training. This is to prepare players to better deal with potential setbacks, or to better handle the pressure on professional athletes.
  • Personal Talks and Consulting
    It’s very important to us that there is a connection between the consultants and the players that is characterized by trust and personality. By no means, a player should feel left alone by us. The entire GAMES team is at the players disposal for a personal talk. Whether it’s about sports, relationships or family issues. Of course, strictly confidential!
  • Support with School Problems Child/Parents
    The brutal truth that a career in professional sport can end quickly is always at the forefront of our mind. That’s why we think it’s very important that every one of our players has an ace up their sleeve. However, plan B must also be prepared accordingly. In some cases, this means to also help with school work. We gladly put you in contact with pedagogical professionals.
  • Offer of an Apprenticeship / Help with choosing an Apprenticeship
    Due to our vast network, which we access when needed, we are able to individually place you in an apprenticeship.
  • Potential Placement in one of our numerous Partners / Plan B
    As previously mentioned, we do not only try to put youngsters in contact when a career in professional sport comes to an abrupt end. For example, if an already established player can’t play anymore, we also activate our network for the needs of the individual and do our utmost so they can return to work as seamlessly as possible.