Our Team

Danny Winkler

As CEO and athletic consultant of G.A.M.E.S, Danny Winkler is in charge of everything around the player. After many years of experience in professional football and his injury, which meant the end of his career, Danny knows how difficult it is to put “Plan B” into practice. For this very reason, it’s very important to him to support and help young talents who are making the leap into professional sports but above all are making the leap into “life”.

Sandra Schmidt

As assistant to the management, Sandra Schmidt takes care of everything in the background, be it appointments, accounting, or contracts. When it comes to general inquiries, you’ve come to the right person.

Helena Gouveia

What is it exactly that I do? Kind of everything! As a secretary, you don’t ask why, you ask what and when?

Festus Agu

Office in London

Paulo Galinsky

Office in Buenos Aires

Valentin Herr

External Consultant